Thursday, November 8, 2012

9 weeks...again?

 We have a baby!

 We had our ultrasound appt this afternoon. I was so anxious! They tell you to drink x amount of water so you'll have a full bladder...then they made pregnant lady sit in the waiting room for 45 min :-/ By the time we got called back I couldn't concentrate on anything beside trying not to pee so I didn't enjoy see baby as much as I could have. But, either way we saw that there really is a baby in there and it has a heartbeat, 174bpm :) The tech took some measurements then took the average to determine due date. She said it's June 13th and I'm 9 weeks today, I don't know if I'm on board with that. I was charting pretty thoroughly and I still think I'm a few days ahead of that. Not that it really matters because baby will show up when he/she wants. I'll wait until I see my Dr on the 29th and see what she says as far as due date.

How far along: 9 weeks?

How big is baby: According to the Bump, (who likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) he/she is the size of a green what to expect app says a prune

Total weight gain: -4lbs....I was really sick on Monday and couldn't keep anything down all day. I'm thinking it may have been the flu bug that's been going around, but it may have been morning sickness. Either way I haven't eaten all that much this week.

Sleep: much better then it has been, I think because it's getting colder at night here and I sleep better when it's cold in the bedroom.

Maternity Clothes: not yet. I only need the be band with one pair of jeans at this point

Food cravings : nothing sounds good,'s awesome

Food Aversions: pretty much everything it sucks. I'll be so hungry and absolutely nothing sounds good (same as last week)

Challenges: Trying not to worry that something is going to go wrong. Hearing the HB and seeing the baby went a long way in helping with that though. Also trying to get through the work day while feeling soooo crappy

Movement: Not for awhile

Boy or Girl?: Won't know until January...if we decide to find out

What I’m looking forward to: feeling better & starting to take weekly belly pics

What I miss: not feeling nauseous and not being ready for bed at 8pm

Next appt:  Nov. 29th 12 week appt

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