Thursday, November 29, 2012


12 weeks today. I had a doctor's appt this afternoon and she gave me the official estimated due date of June 13th. So I have to "redo" 3 days of my first trimester, yuck! But, we did hear a strong heartbeat that was 158-160 bpm! What a sweet sweet sound!

From last Friday to Tuesday I felt awful all day long. Yesterday was the first day it I have no idea how long that I was able to eat something besides cold cereal before work. Although now it seems that I'm have more "afternoon sickness" then morning sickness and I feel crappy from lunch until bedtime. Hopefully it'll go away soon, second trimester in a week and a half!

We're headed to the beach for the weekend for a much needed getaway. While we're there I have an ideas for a picture to take to help announce we're expecting. It's not an original idea, but oh well. It'll go on our Christmas cards and will be our big "Facebook" announcement (oh how times have changed....).

This weekend might even include a post with pictures....but don't hold your breath, I might just catch up on sleep instead ;-)

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