Sunday, June 30, 2013

2 weeks later....

He's here!! He's actually been here for 2 weeks :-) I will (hopefully) write a birth story soon. I need to do it sooner rather then later so I don't forget anything. I'm sure I already have, but it also seems like he was just born yesterday. In the interim here's a picture of our sweet baby boy.

Wyatt James born 6/15/13 (my dad's birthday too) 8lbs 6oz 21in

Friday, June 7, 2013

39 weeks

I know I've been awful about keeping up here. I really wish I had the motivation to do these weekly like I had planned. I'm sure I'll kick myself later...for that and for being terrible at taking weekly pics :-/ you'd think the was a second kid LOL 

So thanks for the kick in the pants Kati! 

How far along: 39 weeks

How big is baby: According to the Bump, (which likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) baby boy is the size of a watermelon. What to Expect App also says a watermelon 

Total weight gain:  I think about 20lbs, I haven't gained any weight over the last 3 weeks (despite frequent trips to DQ for blizzards and peanut buster parfaits LOL)

Sleep: since rolling over is now an Olympic sport and baby boy has dropped which equals 3-4 pee trips a night, sleep is sketchy at best. Surprisingly I'm not exhausted all the time. I do have occasional nights where I wake up at 4 and can't go back to sleep. Usually Benadryl keeps that from happening so I take that before bed. 

Maternity Clothes: I don't have any maternity shorts so I squeeze my butt into pre pregnancy ones LOL they either have elastic waist or they don't get buttoned up. Thank goodness for long maternity shirts :-)

Food cravings : still sweets, especially chocolate! My mom mentioned that she craved sweets/chocolate with my oldest brother as well and now he has a huge sweet tooth. This kid doesn't stand a chance 

Food Aversions: oh no, I'm relishing being able to eat an actual meal since he dropped 

Challenges: moving LOL

Movement: earlier this week he had a quiet day and a half, he was still moving but he was much more mellow than normal. Yesterday he was back to his spastic self, which prompted me to tell him that if he feels the need to stretch out so much he should just get out of there

Boy or Girl?: Baby boy

What I’m looking forward to: meeting our little guy....more then that, watching my husband hold his son

What I miss: rolling over in bed w/o waking up

Next appt: Weekly appt next Thursday the 13th, my due date!


1. OB made a weight guess at my appt today...I think her exact words were something like "well, he's definitely solid" LOL she thinks he'll be 8+lbs, 9 if I go over my due date. I'm not super surprised b/c big babies run in my family and AJ's family has decent sized kids too.

2. I've been having contractions off and on, nothing super painful or worth timing. At my 38 week appt I was 1cm and 50% effaced. I didn't have her check today b/c I didn't want her to tell me I'm still at a 1 or get my hopes up if I'm dilated more

Here's a couple of our maternity pics. I would link to her blog and/or FB page, but I can't figure it out on the iPad. They were taking by our good friend Kati Bodle at Creative Juices Photography. We absolutely love them!