Friday, March 22, 2013

28 weeks 1 day, and a trip to the birthing center

 Quick appt update: I passed my GD test, only by 2 points, but a pass is a pass! After my next OB I'll go to bi-monthly appts, June is creeping up fast!

Baby boy is a trouble maker already. He's usually super active at least 3 times a day, like shaking my belly active. But, starting early yesterday into today I only felt him maybe a couple times. I kept thinking that if I ate this or that or poked at him enough he would give me a couple good kicks, but nope, stubborn like his mom ;-) So today around 1 I finally caved and called my OB's office. My doc wasn't there today, but the on call dr decided to have me head straight over to the hospital to check on him. I started to freak out a little thinking maybe I shouldn't have waited so long and had AJ meet me at the hospital just in case. I got all checked in and hooked up to the doppler and what does the little turkey do as soon as the nurse leaves? Starts punching at the doppler....seriously dude? I try to get you jacked up on sugar and poke at you repeatedly and nothing, but as soon as there's a doppler strapped to my stomach you go nuts? So then I felt a little silly b/c obviously he was fine, but I would rather be safe then sorry. The nurse did sorta chide me about waiting so long to go in. All is well again and while I felt like the epitome of a first time mom I'm happy to know he's okay. Plus they did another ultrasound so we got to see his cute little face again :-) once again he had at least one hand over his face at all times, camera shy just like his father LOL

How far along: 28 weeks 1 day

How big is baby: According to the Bump, (which likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) baby boy is the size of an eggplant. What to Expect App says a small cabbage (that one is kinda odd)

Total weight gain: good question...about 15 I think

Sleep: hit and miss, would be better if I didn't have to wake up so many times to pee.

Maternity Clothes: you betcha

Food cravings : still sweets, but not as bad as before

Food Aversions: I made some toaster waffles yesterday at like 3 in the afternoon because they sounded delicious. I ate them and they were super yummy, but as soon as I was done the thought of them made me want to puke LOL

Challenges: tying my shoes, finding a comfortable position to sleep in, and my body has been all around tired lately

Movement: kinda covered that above

Boy or Girl?: Baby boy...we had the ultrasound tech double check today LOL

What I’m looking forward to: My parents offered to come put in a new window in the baby's room since we don't really have the time before my mom and AJ's aunt come to paint. So it'll be fun to really get started on his room.

What I miss: not feeling so exhausted

Next appt: April 4th

Friday, March 8, 2013

26 weeks 1 day

Since I just did one of these a few days ago, it'll be pretty much the same I think

How far along: 26 weeks 1 days

How big is baby: According to the Bump, (which likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) baby boy is the size of a head of lettuce. What to Expect App says a cucumber

Total weight gain: good question...10, 15??

Sleep: on nights I take a couple tylenol PM it's great LOL, on other nights it's just ok. I can usually go a couple crappy nights and then I cave and take the Tylenol so I get a good nights sleep.

Maternity Clothes: you betcha

Food cravings : sweets like crazy! (same as before)

Food Aversions: I thought of something the other day, but I have since forgotten (surprise, surprise)

Challenges: the last couple days I've been feeling more PG and things are just harder. I get out of breath easy, heartburn has been cramping my workouts, and bending to tie my shoes isn't as easy as it use to be

Movement: I feel him throughout the day and now the night

Boy or Girl?: Baby boy

What I’m looking forward to: AJ being able to feel him, he was able to once around 20 weeks, but since then every time I tell him to come over the baby stops.

What I miss: good sleep and easy movements LOL

Next appt: Glucose test on Monday then OB appt on Thursday

Here are my 26 weeks bump pics....I know I skipped a bunch, but I don't feel like uploading and arranging them all.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

25 weeks 3 days

Well, so much for doing this every week, jeesh! I haven't even remembered to take pics the last two weeks...I've gotta get on top of this so I don't regret it later!

How far along: 25 weeks 3 days

How big is baby: According to the Bump, (which likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) baby boy is the size of a cauliflower. What to Expect App says an eggplant, which is the same thing it said last week

Total weight gain: good question...10?

Sleep: usually ok, I'm pretty restless at night trying to find a comfortable position. It's already hard to roll over and I wake up almost every time, so I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble in the 3rd tri.

Maternity Clothes: oh yeah

Food cravings : sweets like crazy!

Food Aversions: Nothing I can think if

Challenges: the exhaustion and being out of breath after doing nothing lol

Movement: I feel him a couple times a day. I can see my belly move pretty consistently, but by the time I tell the hubs to come over and see it he stops.

Boy or Girl?: BOY!!!

What I’m looking forward to: AJ being able to feel him, he was able to once around 20 weeks, but since then every time I tell him to come over the baby stops.

What I miss: good sleep

Next appt: March 14th

Random thoughts:

My BFF is having her little girl soon so I'm excited to get some baby cuddles!

I can't believe I only have about a week and a half left of 2nd tri! 1st tri took, but this one has absolutely flown by!

Baby clothes get my giddy :-)

My SIL is giving us a glider and my mom said she will recover it with some fabric to match the paint colors. This is saving us a couple hundred dollars and makes me feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family.

My insurance covers breast pumps as long as they're not hospital grade which is saving us another $300.

While we're not getting as much as I thought we would back from taxes we are getting something back which is helpful.

We were able to spend time getting one of our cars ready to put on Craigslist to sell so we can move forward with getting a new truck. This has been such a weight on my shoulders because time keeps slipping away faster then I can wrap my head around and this needs to be done soon. Crossing my fingers that we can get what we want/need from it and that the hubs' coworker decides to buy the truck so we can put that money towards the truck as well.

I got 3 parking tickets on Friday for parking all day in a "2 hour" parking. There is not a sign or anything on the curb that says 2 hour parking. Tomorrow I'm writing a not very nice letter telling them that I will not ay the $22 per parking ticket because nowhere does it say 2 hour parking.

The weather was gorgeous today and it makes me want to go camping, like stat LOL I hope I'm not too uncomfortable to get some spring camping in before baby gets here. I also hope I'm able to figure out the whole "camping with an infant" thing because it's really important to us that he grows up with that and I say the sooner the better. I'm proud of the fact that my first camping trip was at 10 days old. If my mom can take 4 kids, the youngest at 10 days old, surely I can take one kid the summer he's born right? I think it's just a matter of setting my mind to do it and doing it whether it's easy or not. Either way we'll make it happen because, like I said, it's very important to us he grow up enjoying the outdoors.

That's all I've got for today, hopefully I'll be back later this week for the 26 week update :-)
Oh and a picture, please excuse the fact that it's a total myspace profile pic LOL