Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Check-in

I'm going to try and be good about remembering to do these weekly :-)

How far along: 5 weeks (only 35 to go LOL)
How big is baby: According to the Bump, (who likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) he/she is the size on an apple seed, up from a poppy seed last week :-)
Total weight gain: I haven't been on the scale since a few days after I found out I'm PG so I have to idea. With all the crap that I've been consuming (I can't help it junk food sounds so yummy!) I'm sure it's not pretty
Sleep: Usually great even after a daily afternoon nap of varying lengths. Last night sucked though, I met having dreams that someone was trying to break into our house and kill us....which lead to a lot of laying awake listening to every little noise
Maternity Clothes: no, but pants are a little snugger than normal thanks to the bloat
Food cravings : Anything containing salt and ice water
Food Aversions: none so far
Challenges: none really, except getting through the work day without falling asleep
Movement: Not for awhile
Boy or Girl?: Won't know until January
What I’m looking forward to: First Dr. Appt
What I miss: Bleu cheese
Next appt: October 30th, it's just with the nurse though. I don't know when my first appt with the dr will be

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  1. Hold the phone....... no bleu cheese!??!?!?!? noooo!!!!!!