Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No sympathy here

(Let the over sharing with the Internet commence!)

My boobs hurt today...as in when I switched from one butt cheek to the other in the recliner (which is where I spent the majority of my evening....scratch that, my entire evening) I winced, when I took off my bra I winced....you get the picture. I told my loving husband over dinner that my boobs felt pregnant today. He proceeded to suggest that it was all in my head. Um....no dear I'm not hallucinating sore boobies, I'm growing your child....boys!

Not that I expected to be having symptoms so early, but it is reassuring to actually feel pregnant on occasion. I could do without the cramping though, that particular symptom just worries me. Everything I've read says it's totally normal, but all the same it can take a hike.

Exhaustion is rough, and it's not near what it's going to be....yikes!

I'm also eating like it's my last day on earth. I'm hungry all.the.time! When I don't want to get up I just ask AJ to get it for the baby, not for me....I don't think he knows what to do with that yet so I'll keep using it LOL!

For the record I'm not complaining about actually having symptoms. We've hoped and prayed for this little one for a loooong time. I love the symptoms (except the aforementioned cramps). They remind me that the munchkin is in there and hopefully growing as he/she should be. But, I'll be the first to tell you that when the nausea hits in full force, I'm going to bitch about it. I'm a baby when it comes to that and while I'll be glad that the munchkin is letting be know they're there it will still suck. So please don't think I'm ungrateful in any way. I'm not, I'm thanking God everyday for this miracle and I will continue to do so. I just wanted to clear that up :)

4 weeks and 1 day :-)

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  1. Complain all day and night - you earned it!!!! :-)