Monday, October 1, 2012

Now I really need to be better at this....

So it finally happened....after 11 months of trying we finally got a BFP (big fat positive)!

We went on vacation last Wednesday and got back last night. I didn't bring any tests or my thermometer with me so I would stress out or test about backfire! I stressed the entire time and convinced myself that AF was just around the corner. I didn't want to get my hopes up just to see another BFN. I tested as soon as we got home last night and when I saw what I thought might be a line on the pink dye test I started freaking out and immediately grabbed the digital I had been saving for just this type of occasion LOL! Then followed what seemed like hours of watching the little hour glass and then up popped "Pregnant" I almost lost it. I was stunned...still kinda am!

I got out a onesie I bought a long time ago when we first started this journey on the front it says "I love daddy" I put it on the bed with the digital test on it and waited...I had to wait until the hubs got out of the shower. When he finally came in and saw it, his first words were "well, we'll see" WTF? what does that mean? He asked if the tests could give false not two of them :) then he was speechless...took him awhile to get past the shock, but he's coming around LOL

So here we are...let the real worrying begin! First appointment is Oct. 30th, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that this is a sticky baby and come next June we'll be welcoming a healthy happy baby. EDD should be around June 10th. Not really any symptoms yet, I've had some cramping and on and off nauseousness, today I can't seem to eat enough!

We've told a handful of people, the ones that knew we were trying and having issues. I think we'll wait to tell our parents until after my first appointment and then we'll tell the extended family at Thanksgiving and finally facebook announcement in December. I'm trying to think of a good way to tell our parents and the rest of our families. I've got time to think though :)

Now I really need to get back on the blogging train so I can look back on it down the road. Happy October!! Here's to a new chapter in our lives :-)


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