Friday, March 8, 2013

26 weeks 1 day

Since I just did one of these a few days ago, it'll be pretty much the same I think

How far along: 26 weeks 1 days

How big is baby: According to the Bump, (which likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) baby boy is the size of a head of lettuce. What to Expect App says a cucumber

Total weight gain: good question...10, 15??

Sleep: on nights I take a couple tylenol PM it's great LOL, on other nights it's just ok. I can usually go a couple crappy nights and then I cave and take the Tylenol so I get a good nights sleep.

Maternity Clothes: you betcha

Food cravings : sweets like crazy! (same as before)

Food Aversions: I thought of something the other day, but I have since forgotten (surprise, surprise)

Challenges: the last couple days I've been feeling more PG and things are just harder. I get out of breath easy, heartburn has been cramping my workouts, and bending to tie my shoes isn't as easy as it use to be

Movement: I feel him throughout the day and now the night

Boy or Girl?: Baby boy

What I’m looking forward to: AJ being able to feel him, he was able to once around 20 weeks, but since then every time I tell him to come over the baby stops.

What I miss: good sleep and easy movements LOL

Next appt: Glucose test on Monday then OB appt on Thursday

Here are my 26 weeks bump pics....I know I skipped a bunch, but I don't feel like uploading and arranging them all.

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