Friday, February 8, 2013

22 weeks

I'm bad, I skipped last week...I also have a bunch of pics that need to uploaded and shared. Maybe this weekend, but we're painting our guest bathroom so maybe not.

Had an OB appt today, ute is measuring right on track and baby's HB was 147.

How far along: 22 weeks

How big is baby: According to the Bump, (which likes to compare baby to fruits and veggies) baby boy is the size of a papaya. What to Expect App says spaghetti squash, but it'll probably change it tomorrow.

Total weight gain: 5, maybe 6 lbs

Sleep: usually ok, I'm pretty restless at night trying to find a comfortable position. I sleep best from like 6-9 which I don't get to do very often because I have to get up for work.

Maternity Clothes: love 'em

Food cravings : still milk....and onion rings, had some last night at red robin, amazballs

Food Aversions: Nothing really, 'bout time too

Challenges: exhaustion, I'm tired all.the.time

Movement: definitely. He is usually active for a little while some time around mid morning, occasionally after lunch and again around 8-9pm. The evening time is when he gets really hyper

Boy or Girl?: BOY!!!

What I’m looking forward to: my 4 day weekend :-) also starting to get the baby's room ready for him

What I miss: good sleep

Next appt: March 14th

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