Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Has it really been since last August? Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger...

Wyatt was only a couple months old then and here we are staring his first birthday in the face. A year? Already? I often wonder where my little baby went as my pretty much toddler scoots around the house. What is it about parenthood that sucks us into a time warp that we can never escape? I'm not the only one, right? It seems like just last week we were still swaddling and he was a stationary object, now he refuses to be rocked to sleep, preferring instead to fall asleep alone in his crib (of course as I typed that he was throwing a fit in his bed b/c he only took one nap at daycare and threw off his whole routine) and he's *this close* to walking. He takes steps regularly, but hasn't made the transition to full time walking.

I look back at pictures of him as a newborn and sometimes I barely recognize my curly blonde hair blue eyed little boy. He has changed so much over the last 11.5 months it's ridiculous. We have been so blessed to have him in our lives, and although it has been far from all puppies and rainbows it's been amazing being his mama.

Not only has he changed in the last year, but we have as well. I've learned that I have more patience then I ever thought possible (I also learned where my breaking point is LOL). I know now just how little sleep I actually need to function...how much I need to do more then "function" is a different story. I've learned that the ONLY thing I thought I would never do as a mom is the ONE thing I had to do (sleep training). Everyday I become more confident in our parenting decisions and although we have NO idea what we're doing I know that we're doing it the right way for our family. I've also learned acceptance...acceptance of other people's parenting decisions (as long as it doesn't harm their child or mine), acceptance in the inevitable judgement of others (especially other moms...why we do that to each other I have no idea, but that's another post for another time) acceptance that my son will do things in his own time and comparing him to any other child is unfair to him and to us. We have grown stronger as a couple, realizing that things said during the 4th middle of the night waking isn't something to be taken personally ;-)
*piece of unsolicited advice to new parents: adopt a "it doesn't count between 10pm-8am" rule. Nothing that is said in that frustrated sleep deprived state should be held against each other. It might just save your relationship*

I do miss being pregnant and miss his newness and sweet newborn smell, but he is so much fun now. He's always good for a laugh and his smile melts my heart. Watching him and his dad fills me will such joy I could burst, they are two peas in a pod. I'm so excited for summer. This kid LOVES being outdoors and I know he's going to enjoy camping, swimming, parks, walks, hikes, and all that good stuff that comes with the warmer weather. Watching him explore and enjoy life makes everything more fun. I love watching him learn new things or take in new experiences. His facial expressions are priceless and convey his emotions perfectly. I hope he's always so expressive.

I've said this 100 times, but I hope I can commit more time to blogging now. It has been impossible to keep up, but now that he typically goes to bed at a decent hour and stays asleep (this is a recent development in the last couple months) I think I might actually have time. I desperately want to document these days b/c they are sweet and fleeting.

I leave you with some pictures :-)

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