Monday, May 26, 2014

A weekend to remember....

We had an absolutely lovely weekend here. It was filled with family, laughter, and love. Wyatt got to play with his cousin who is just a month older then him. The hubs got to go golfing with his dad and brother. We had Wyatt's 1 year pics taken. We took the little boys down to the practice green at the golf club and then to the pool there. Today we worked in the garden and topped off the day with a hike to the top of a butte close to our house. We made a lot of memories this weekend and confirmed two truths...1) Wyatt is a water baby 2) he's also born to be outside. I mean the kids literally does not have a bad time if he's outside, if he's cranky or throwing a fit, take him out of doors and instantly all it right with the world. It has seriously been that way since day 1 for him. It makes me so excited for the coming summer and taking him camping, he is going to love it.

Next weekend is going to be awesome too. My parents and I are going to a James Taylor concert (love his music!!!), we're taking Wyatt to the zoo one day, then Sunday some of the hubs' family is coming to my parents' house for dinner so we can talk details of our trip next February to Belize!!

I do have more news to share, but they are separate posts for different days :-)

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