Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still here...still trying

I wish I could figure out some time to set aside at least one day a week to blog. If I don't schedule time look what happens.....nothing! As evidenced by no posts in almost a month.

Quick updates...still trying to add to our little family. On CD 35 and no detected ovulation and no AF in sight. BFN on the test I took today (I knew if there was any house I wouldn't be able to resist testing LOL). I guess it's just wait an see. General rule is something if you reach CD 60 w/ no AF and no positive test then see your doc. Unfortunately I'm not patient by nature...guess I'll have to learn!

We had a great time over the holidays. Saw lots of family and made me miss living closer to everyone. I'm feeling pretty bummed that our kids won't have family close by and now our friends are having kids and I would love to be able to do this parenting thing with them and have out kids grow up together. I'm excited to see what 2012 has in store for us though.

That's all I got..I'll leave you some pics b/c a post is always better with pictures :)

Where we went hunting in October

Imnaha River

I was so tan! That was taken a year ago 1/11/11 in
Maui...wish we were back there now. It was 15 here
this morning. Wouldn't be so bad if there was snow
involved...maybe next week :)

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