Friday, August 24, 2012

I can't think of a title

I started a post awhile ago about our struggles to get pregnant. I had just had an HSG done to make sure my tubes are clear, and found out that the left one is completely blocked and has been that way for awhile. I never got to finish that post because the iPad or blogger freaked out and deleted it all. I didn't feel like rewriting the entire thing so I just went on to do something else. At the time I was....stressed, that's really too light of a word, think one or two steps above stressed. On the verge maybe LOL

Since then (It was early August, the 6th I think) good things have happened. I spoke to my dr about the test results. There no way to unblock the tube so the options are leave it or remove it. Right now I'm leaving it. It can cause some pain, which I had noticed before, but never knew what it was from and if I do get pregnant it can slightly increase the chance of a miscarriage. But, now it really not a good time to be having surgery b/c I start a new job next month! More on that later, I'll finish the TTC stuff first. Good news is you only need one tube and the clear right tube can pick up an egg from either side so while it would make it easier, I don't really need it. My OB and I decided that we would try a higher dose of clomid this cycle since I didn't respond to the 50mg. I took 100mg CDs 5-9 and then waited...on August 15th I did something I haven't done since November, I ovulated!! Woot woot!

Now I'm in the 2WW (2 week wait). I broke down and tested this morning at 9DPO (9 days past ovulation) and it was negative, but it's really too early to be testing. I'll keep checking my temp every morning and if it's up I'll test. If it drops I'll assume AF is one her way.

On to new job! I've been wanting to find another job since I started working at the office I'm currently at. Not because of the people (although my boss can be a real prick) but because it's ridiculously stressful and the hours can suck since we never know when we'll get to go home we can never make after work plans or have a life during the week. I've interviewed at a handful of places in the last year, but I've been picky about what I want b/c I don't want to leave this job to go to a place I also can't stand.

After a bad day at work I, on a whim, applied for a job that was posted on Craigslist. That night I got an email asking of I could come in of an interview. It turned out that the new dentist is good friends with the dentist I used to work for before we moved to central Oregon. He seems way more easy going then my current boss and I'll be back in general dentistry which is wheren I'd rather be. I start either the first week in September. I really hope this works out. I'm nervous though, that I'll find out I'm PG and have to tell him that even though he just hired me I'll need 8-12 weeks off next year....yikes! But, we'll cross that bridge if/when we get there. Oh, and the job pays more and I work 4 days a week instead of 5...much better :-)

So there's the lengthy update. Some day I'll get around to posting pics of our house and more Alaska pics, but for today I'm done!


  1. This post made me SMILE!!!!

    So many good things... :-D

  2. I also smiled! So happy for you! A 4-day work schedule is awesome and it sounds like you will have so much less stress in your life! Which is good for baby making :) And don't worry about the maternity leave :) I got pregnant 2 months after starting my job and everyone was happy for me! Miss you guys!