Friday, June 8, 2012

1 week from tomorrow we will be on a plane headed north! I'm so freaking excited LOL! We should also have the keys to our house by Wednesday, nothing like cutting it close :-) Work has been so awful lately that I need this vacation somethin' fierce...two weeks of exploring and relaxing? Yes please!

I think I'm most excited for the hubs to see Alaska. I'll admit that we don't necessarily travel well together lol, at least I'm honest, right? But, we know this and we also know that once the travel part of the vacation is over (the flight and getting to the hostel) we'll be just fine and can start enjoying each others company. I attribute it to the fact that he hadn't really traveled all that much when he was younger while my family was all over the place, especially since I was the youngest by 5 years and got to go on a lot of trips once my siblings were out of the house. It's also because my favorite aunt and mom are what we call "the park ladies" meaning they can throw together a trip with their eyes closed and I've been in training since I was 10 LOL....anyways I digress, long and short is that we may try to kill each other getting there, but once we're in the "Last Frontier" we'll enjoy each others company (and hopefully make a baby!)

Once we officially own our new house I'll post some pics, but not before, I'm not about to jinx it!

Relay for Life tomorrow! It's the first one AJ and I have ever done, but I know we'll have a good time. Hopefully I'll remember to take pics and I will try and remember to post them amid the craziness that will be next week (I don't even want to think about what my stress level will be starting Monday!)

Have a great weekend!

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