Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Update

Almost two months? Really? I'm going to stop saying that I'm going to blog more, because obviously that's not happening and I don't want to be a liar every time I'm on here LOL

So here's where we're at....AF disappeared for 3 months and I had to go to an OB-GYN to get progesterone to jump start my cycle again. I also had some blood work done and because of the levels of a couple hormones she may think I will need help ovulating. She's not 100% convinced since I haven't been off BC that long and that could be screwing up the levels. The plan is for us to try by ourselves this cycle, then we're taking April and May off because we have our Alaska trip in June and I don't want to be newly PG and not feeling good on our vacation. We'll start up again in June (I should ovulate when we're in Alaska) and I'll probably start Clomid at that time. I don't want to waste time trying w/o help if the blood work says I have an issue, it would just seem like wasted time. So...that's where we're at with that :)

Speaking of Alaska...I'm sooooo excited! I haven't been in 9 years and I've missed it. If you've never been, you need to add it to your bucket list. It truly is the last frontier and the scenery is mind blowing. I'm really looking forward to taking pictures.

I wish I had time to take a photography class before then, but I don't know if that's going to happen. Even if not I think I'll still come home with some fantastic pics. My mom and I are thinking about selling some of our pictures (they have the same camera and she's gotten into landscape photography as well) in her shop. She sells veggies and flowers out of a shop at their house and we're thinking of printing some of our pics and putting them in mattes and seeing if anyone is interested. They won't be anything fantastic as we're both very amateur and neither of us has real editing software, but it might be worth a shot. Sometimes I'll get a picture and think....damn that's cool. Of course it's not all the time, but it seems to happen more and more as AJ and I develop our eye for a good shot. What's nice is we have different ideas on what would make a cool picture so we get ones that we wouldn't always get if we were on our own. Plus it's something we can do outdoors together. We're not into portrait photography, we're more drawn to landscape/nature photos. I don't think I could ever have a portrait/wedding/event photography business, too much pressure. With landscape pics I can take pictures of what I want and nobody else has to like them, they're strictly for me. The main problem is finding a place to put the ones I like LOL

Ok, so that wasn't all that quick of an update, I ended up rambling instead :) I'll leave you with a few pictures of Alaska. It's an amazing place and I know I'll be visiting it for many years to come. You could spend your whole life exploring it and still not see all it has to can always try though ;)

Happy Monday!

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