Thursday, November 17, 2011


So much for posting more now that we're TTC!

Speaking of, nothing exciting going on there. Just waiting....and waiting ;)

We're supposed to get some snow over here. I'm not excited about driving in it, but I'm still anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I love it and hopefully it's enough to give everything that pretty dusting that makes you feel like a kid know the snow that would make it feel like Christmas was just around the corner (which it is btw and I'm so not ready!). Not that I would really know what that felt like, because in the Pacific NW (the part I grew up in) you pretty much never get snow before Christmas...unless it was that one year where it looked like this

That happened days before Christmas and the entire Portland Metro area was shut down for about a week....because there, nobody knows how to handle snow and we all just freak out and watch 24/7 new coverage of "Arctic Blast '08" (I shit you not, that's what the storm was referred to as) My FIL (who works for an electric company and was working 18-20hrs a day then) has a shirt that says something like "I survived Arctic Blast '08" we're ridiculous up here. But, I love it and it's who we are. 1" snow=snow day and city shut cool is that?

Now here in Bend, I don't think they roll that way. It's always cold in the winter, but snow varies a ton. It's more common here though so we'll see what happens. Maybe one day I'll watch the people freaking out in Portland and laugh because I'll have become a snow

If I don't make it back before next Thursday: Have a very happy Thanksgiving! We're having pulled pork :)

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